Aldon - Grout Residue Remover (1 Gallon)

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Product Overview

Aldon - Grout Residue Remover

Removes Stains From The Grouting Process,removes Crystalline Efflorescence,Removes Mineral Deposits


  • Provides a strong cleaner to remove grout residue without all the problems and dangers caused by using muriatic acid:
  • Removes grout residue stains even if they have been there for several years.
  • Removes very heavy hard water mineral deposits and crystalline efflorescence.
  • Provides a safer way to convert marble and limestone to an antique, aged look (See issue in FAQ & Problem Solving).
  • Muriatic acid creates metal rusting fumes.
  • Muriatic acid can break down the grout surface by reaction with the cement (powdering) and reveal sand grains. This can drastically change the grout surface appearance.
  • Muriatic acid will burn and discolor some light colored surfacing and grouts.
  • Sulfamic acid is safer than muriatic acid, but being relatively weak, requires too much time and effort.


This product is:

  • A hydrochloric acid mixture with other buffering and cleaning components.
  • As strong a cleaning action as muriatic acid.
  • Has considerably reduced risk of metal rusting and etching.
  • Is much safer than muriatic acid.
  • Is much stronger than sulfamic acid.
  • This product is not used to remove sealers. For that purpose, see "Premium Stripper".
  • This product, like all acidic liquids, will react with limestone, marble, and concrete products and should be diluted and tested prior to use on these materials.
  • However, the product would have to be overused to a high degree to see any negative effect on clay tile and brick, glazed tiles, porcelain tile, natural stone (other than limestones and marbles), quarry tile, terracotta tile, Mexican tile, etc.
  • If you are cleaning grout residue from limestone, marble, or polished concrete surfaces - if your careful testing of diluted product shows the end result of the cleaning process dulls the finish - test Aldon SBS in the aerosol spray can as that should provide gloss and well as protection on these surfaces.
  • Vegetation - although we have never heard of harm to vegetation from washing off this product, some vegetation is more sensitive than others and it is better to not allow any chemicals to contact any vegetation.
  • This product can be used immediately after grouting, or years later. The only difference with increased age of the grout residue stains is that the grout residue is more cured and might require additional treatment(s) to remove. However, do not use if grout is still fresh and soft. Use only after grout has cure



(No reviews yet) Write a Review