Aldon - Grout Easy (1 Gallon)

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Product Overview

Aldon - Grout Easy (1 Gallon)

This is not a sealer and will not create the problems caused by using a sealer as a grout release. Grout Easy is not a cleaner.  "Grout Easy" is a preventative.

  • Eliminates the typical excessive washing and/or acid cleaning required to remove grout residue stains from absorbent and/or textured materials.
  • Eliminates the use of sealers ( pre-sealing ) applied before grouting that can cause many problems.
  • Provides a temporary, non-sealer coating that causes no problems for all surface types and finishes, including limestone, marble, Mexican tile, brick, slate, flagstone, etc.
  • Provides a product that does not change the normal grout application and cleanup process.
  • Provides a better grouting system with a material cost less than using sealers as a "bond breaker".
  • Removes the risk of grout separation from the tile edge. This can occur when a "pre-seal" sealer application inevitably drips over the edge of the tile and becomes a permanent "bond breaker".
  • There are some of the light beige/peach tone terracotta tile that will stain so easily that a water drop leaves a permanent mark. This has not been observed with the Mexican terracottas, but has been seen with a very few imports from other countries. Before using "Grout Easy" on a surface that stains this easily, test first.


  • Grout Easy is a thicker than water liquid that is viscous, but pourable.
  • Creates a water soluble coating on the surface that creates a "bond breaker" so grout paste is not bonded to the surface face and is therefore, easier to clean off.
  • Fills surface textures and allows grout to stick to the "Grout Easy" coating rather than the tile or stone.
  • Clean up and removal is automatically accomplished with the normal float "spread and pack"grouting process (or with a grout bag) and cleanup. Just water and a sponge.
  • Highly porous surface types (some Mexican tile batches, sandstones, etc.) might require more than one application of Grout Easy, but you do not need to create a thick film on top.  As long as there is some Grout Easy on top and in the pores, it will be beneficial to the cleanup process.
  • Drips of "Grout Easy" over the edge do not act as a permanent "bond breaker" between the grout and the tile/stone edge. "Grout Easy" actually begins to increase bonding of grout to tile after approximately 8 hours. This is why the label says to remove the grout excess and "Grout Easy" coating as soon as possible after grouting. It is best to begin grouting as soon as the "Grout Easy" coating is dry (approx. 30 minutes). However, if an area isn't grouted until a few hours later for some reason, the "Grout Easy" coating is still water soluble and will function properly.
  • Protects factory sealed products from harm to the sealer, such as scratching from the grouting process or damage from grout residue cleaning.                     

Highly Absorbent Materials ...................... 150 sq. ft./gal

Non-absorbent, but textured .................. 500 sq. ft./gal.


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(No reviews yet) Write a Review