Superior Stone Products QUICK SET FLOWING, 1 QUART W/Hardener

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Product Overview

Superior Acrylics provide superior “chemical” bonding strength with fast gel and cure times allowing you to start polishing quicker. This allows fabricators the opportunity to complete more jobs in less time which results in more profit.  (Comes with 1 Hardener)

Superior Acrylics can be used with granite, marble, travertine, limestone, sandstone, cement and more. Acrylic adhesives provide a permanent “chemical” bond which is great for dense surfaces.

1 year shelf life unopened. Proper storage in a climate controlled room
prolongs shelf life.

Cured with 1%‐3% white paste hardener (BPO), these adhesives are fast setting, clear and just as easy to use as polyesters.

Can be used for indoor and outdoor applications.


Be sure to TEST each substrate for bonding and appearance prior to the actual application.

Quick Set Flowing / Quick Set Knife Grade

Use: To achieve the best results, the contact surfaces must be thoroughly cleaned and dried. Before adding the hardener, the resin may be tinted with Superior Coloring Paste to match the color of the stone. The resin is then thoroughly mixed with 1%-2% of the white paste hardener (BPO) by weight. At a temperature of 70°F (21°C), the mixture stays workable for 5-10 minutes. Higher temperatures shorten the working time and lower temperatures extend the working time. After 15-30 minutes, the adhesive is fully cured and work can continue the stone. Can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications. Do NOT store above 75°F (24°C).


Safety Data Sheet


(No reviews yet) Write a Review