Cup Wheel High Performance Diamond Grinding Wheels 7" / S Seg - #20/25 Grit / 5/8"-11

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Product Overview

This is the baddest grinding cup you have ever wanted.

7" Aggressive Grinding Wheel #20/25 Diamond 5/8"-11 Arbor for Concrete and Paint, Epoxy, Mastic, Coating Removal 10x High Performance Diamond Grinding Wheel


  • Grind curb gutters, expansion joints, high spots. prep surfaces for coating.
  • #20/25 diamond for aggressive grinding and fast stock removal.
  • 7" Diameter, 14 S Segments, 5/8"-11 threaded
  • Fits angle grinders

 Designed to remove paints, epoxies, mastics, water-proofing coating. markings & lines



(No reviews yet) Write a Review