Aldon - Efflorescence Treatment (1 Gallon)

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Product Overview

Aldon - Efflorescence Treatment (1 Gallon)

For the removal of white powdery type stains on tile, brick, stone, etc.

  • It is a simple one step of apply it and leave it.  No wiping, no cleaning.
  • It adheres to and carries the white powder below the surface.
  • It is not a preventative.  You need one of our penetrating sealers for that.
  • It does not contain acid.  Therefore, will not harm marble, limestone, or concrete.
  • It does provide some enhancement of the natural colors that will decrease in a week until the effect is of slight color enhancement.
  • It will penetrate totally below the surface if no sealer is present and it can absorb.  Therefore, there is no residue to clean off.

Traditional products that remove efflorescence are labor intensive acidic cleaners. "Efflorescence Treatment" is a non-acidic treatment and is not a "cleaner". It is applied easily and is not scrubbed or removed. It carries the efflorescence salts below the surface without any further action required.


  • A blend of chemicals that bind with the efflorescence salts and carry them below the surface.
  • Use on grout, tile, brick, stone, mortar, concrete, etc.
  • Enhances natural surface colors.
  • Color effect can be made permanent with appropriate sealer designated "color enhancing".

Can be used on limestone and marble because it is not acidic.If applied to a sealed surface the product may not be able to penetrate past the sealer. This could leave an oily residue which can be removed with mineral spirits on a clean, white rag.


There are two forms of efflorescence - powder and crystalline."Efflorescence Treatment" is part of a program of products that make an effloresced wall or floor look good, then keep the problem from coming back.


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(No reviews yet) Write a Review