Taylor T9 Ahesive Remover/Stripper 1 Quart

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Product Overview

Taylor Touchdown #9 Adhesive Remover/Stripper

A specially formulated low odor solvent, used to remove wet and cured adhesive from floor covering products and installation tools. Caution: combustible liquid. For industrial and professional use only.

VAPOR HARMFUL! Use only in well ventilated areas with exhaust to the outside.
Use a dry cloth to remove as much adhesive as possible before it hardens. Always use a clean, white cloth (do not use
colored cloth as the dyes can migrate from the cloth to the flooring material) when using cleaning solvent. Apply cleaning
solvent to cloth. Do not pour directly onto adhesive. Gently rub the stained area with the dampened cloth. If this does not
seem to affect the stain, rub more vigorously. Do not use this product for any use that requires quantities of product to be
spread over large surfaces. Allow cleaned area to dry thoroughly before allowing traffic.
Do not use as a hand cleaner.
Do not pour directly on flooring material.
Do not spread over large surfaces.
Do not use colored cloth as the dyes can migrate from the cloth to the flooring material
Base: Renewable bio-solvent containing mineral spirits
Appearance: Water thin liquid
Odor: Hydrocarbon with citrus hint
Shelf Life: One year in unopened container at 70° F

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review